Art, performance and history

  1. Visit to the Vienna Museum (Wien Museum Karlsplatz)
  • A guided tour of the permanent exhibition will introduce us to the city’s history.
  • Meeting with curators to discuss past and future exhibitions about migration history.
  1. badluck Aleppo
  • Theater project in collaboration with the Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom: Eyewitnesses tell of their everyday life in bombarded Aleppo and the human realities behind the news and fake news.
  1. Kunsthalle Art Exhibit “How to Live Together”
  • This exhibit features the work of over thirty artists from different countries with a focus on the political and social dynamics of living together, including an exploration of forgotten stories of migrant workers.
  1. Boltzmann Institute at the Austrian Film Museum
  1. Visit to the Jewish Museum—Two-hour tour
  2. Art Installation by the Slovenian collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK, New Slovenian Art), part of the conceptual art project NSK State in Time:
  • “The NSK State Pavilion is a tool to rethink citizenship, common heritage and the purpose of the state. It raises issues that most trouble the political state today – migration, history and identity.”
  • “The NSK State in Time is conceived as a utopian formation, which has no physical territory and is not identified with any existing national state. It is inherently transnational and its art is a cross-section between “fiction and reality” in “the first global state of the universe.””

Politics and socio-economics 

  1. Lecture by Prof. Bruce Leimsidor (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy) —Leading expert on asylum law
  2. Meeting with the Head of the Integration Unit at the International Organization for Migration                 
  3. Seminar with Drs. Natalie Deckard and Alison Heslin
  • Alison Heslin is an IIASA Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the World Population Program (POP) and the Risk and Resilience Program (RISK). Her research focuses on globalization, food security, and collective action, looking specifically at the relationship between resource scarcity and conflict.
  1. Meeting with the managing editor of Der Standard daily newspaper to discuss political extremism and the refugee crisis in Austria
  2. Meeting with Refugees Welcome – NGO that focuses on housing refugees in private accommodation
  1. Tour of the United Nations Office in Vienna (UN), and briefing from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  2. Meeting with the US delegation at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

Break-out groups

Break-out discussion groups: we will divide up (rotating around) into smaller faculty-led discussion groups a couple of times in various Viennese cafes.